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“Transition” is the theme of the exhibition organized in the Belgian city of Ypres by the British Blacksmiths Association (BABA) in 2016 and timed to coincide with the International Blacksmithing Event “Ypres 2016”. 
As a response to the topic set by the organizers, I proposed a composition connecting wood and metal in a system of oak timbers connected by steel collars, which is a Transition of material and shape from the bottom to the top.
The timber, under the influence of the fire, loses its shape on its way from the bottom to the top and disappears at all on the top, only leaving steel collars. In the beginning, at the bottom, the steel collars serve to connect the parts, but at the end, on the top, they become the main and the only part of the composition.
The work was accepted for the exhibition and was shown at the Kazematten, Ypres along with the works of other artists.


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