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Arm chairs

  Having some spare time and a lot of old roofing abandoned after the roof's repairing, I started experimenting with creating textures by folding and unfolding steel sheets. Steel sheet has a strong memory, and even fully evened, the sheet always keeps the trace of deformation, so I love to work with used old metal. Observing the work made of used metal we can see the story of love and hate.
  I have always admired the strength of the car body: light, made of thin iron but very strong, so the idea of making these chairs came to me.
  Coating with hot wax followed by rubbing revealed out the texture of the metal vividly. The armchairs turned out to be strong, light and sculptural, such a combination is not very typical for wrought iron.
  Later, I used this technique in many works. In these chairs, all metal connections are hidden inside. In subsequent works, I experimented and used the connection line as an artistic solution as well.
  In this series of works, I went from the detail to the general and not vice versa, that is, the detail created the whole in these objects. The appearance of these chairs is determined more by their structure than by the design of this appearance by itself.

Steel, 2006-2008.

St.Petersburg, Russia

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