I am a trained, skilled and experienced "artist blacksmith", using historical and traditional methods. While my commercial work offers distinctive, quality pieces for homes, offices, commercial properties and public spaces, my passion is designing and creating sculptures and jewelry.

   I work with many materials – iron, silver, copper, bronze, wood, and glass – but my favorite material is carbon steel. Steel is amazingly resilient to treatments such as waxing, polishing and patination – producing a special sheen through oxidation. It is, in fact, its oxidation quality that makes carbon steel far richer than precious metals in its ability to be expressive. It becomes a canvas through which shines what the painter didn't paint.

   In my work, I focus on combinations of volumes, patterns and colors – which can interact, agree or disagree with each other. For example, volumes often interact within a piece of art through crossing facets or the absence of facts, polished planes, projecting parts, and parts that escape into deep, dark cavities and hollows.

   I always treat objects and parts of objects as humans or groups of humans -- unique individuals who are partially imperfect, but constantly striving for perfection.

I am proud and honored to be able to share my work with you.


Dmitrii V.