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One of my beloved clients asked me to design and create 8 fireplace tool sets for his country house. Fireplace tool sets were intended for both residential and functional interiors, such as a stove in a Russian banya, bed rooms, living room, etc. I came up with them all different depending on the room and its inhabitant, the size and shape of the fireplace. The family, living in the house, had three charming daughters, and when I measured the fireplace in one of their rooms, I noticed a collection of different ceramic houses on the mantel, thus giving me the idea to make the fireplace tool set using this theme. During my work on the design, the fireplace tool set formed into a medieval city or a castle with towers on a hill, a toy of its kind where the details of this city can change their places in the process of use, so this thing does not have a final form. Later, the  association with the city of San Gimignano in Italy came. This work was done at the dawn of my career, and after a long while a client emerged who wanted to repeat this thing. After 15 years, I was able to put all my gained experience of these years into my early idea and developed it up. I refined the proportions, changed the structure and design of the towers, making them from many parts, unlike the first version where they were solid forged. Thus, this fireplace set is an author's copy of a fireplace set made in 2003.

The last photo shows a design project of 8 fireplace tool sets.
In the second last photo, there is the original version of the fireplace tool set that was made in 2003.

Includes: stander, shovel, poker, brush, tong.

Steel,  2003.


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