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The idea to make this table to cover the heating radiator, unsuccessfully located on this wall, belongs to the client. To me, as an alumni of a carpentry course in college of arts and crafts, it was interesting to me to try the marquetry mosaic technique used in the manufacture of wooden furniture in metal. Marquetry is a technique that uses wood of different species and colors to create a pattern, this technique is also used in the manufacture of stone furniture and is called "floraine mosaic". Instead of wood, I used differently textured pieces of metal: brass, copper and steel. Working on the design of this table, I tried to find connections with the staircase railing that I previously had made for this house. However, when I mounted the table, it turned out that it did not cover the radiator, which was still visible from a distance. So, I added a screen later to cover the radiator.

Technique: forging.

Material: steel, brass, copper.


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