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City in Motion

The design of the sculpture was selected for the outdoor temporary sculpture exhibition AIR (Art in Roanoke) in Elmwood Park, Roanoke, VA. The theme of the exhibition was "City in Motion".

Life in a modern city is full of stress. Responsibilities compress a human being in the Procrustean bed of the cycle: home - work - shop - home. This life is far from contemplation and peace. The modern urban landscape is built vertically, but reminiscent of the colonnade of a Gothic cathedral, it does not elevate us to the sky, but crushes and introduces us into a state of constant anxiety and uncertainty.
Intertwining lines that break at right angles - the way of individual from the subway to office on a very top of a skyscraper and back ,  resembling the esophagus of a gigantic carnivore filled with parasites, contradict the very essence of human existence, destroying spiritually and depriving one of faith. A place of loss of hope and all meaning in life.

This Sculpture illustrates the movement of a man in a City. It shows his ups and downs in different senses and ways.
Clutch, gas, shift, Ups, downs, smoke, crash  ... circle ... the day is a circle ...  you move through the day and you always return where you started but it is always a new place.

Steel, wood. 2017

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