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Light fixture. Combination of colored glass and metal.

A metal artist usually inserts his work into an existing interior and is looking for a connection between his work and the interior on a micro and macro level, at the level of idea, shape, and scale. In this work, I was lucky to be the author of the interior of a small apartment in the downtown of St. Petersburg, where I was not limited by anything other than the client's budget and the functional purpose of the spaces. Thus, in a children's room occupied by a teenager who was fond of science fiction, I designed the lamps as spaceships, flying saucers that passed through the layers of the atmosphere of many planets both in our solar system and beyond. To create an image of a well-worn spaceship, I used the old metal left after the repair of a marine vessel. Thus, three lamps, a chandelier, and two wall lamps were made. A chandelier depicting a spacecraft coming in for landing is hung from the ceiling at an angle, painted blue with spotlights installed in it, depicting a starry sky.
In the kitchen combined with the living room, I used a lamp depicting reeds. When creating the image of the lamps, I was thinking about the reeds painted by a Chinese artist on the rice paper of a Chinese fan. Thus, a chandelier and a lamp above the kitchen island were made. The living naturalistic form of the lamps contrasted with the graphic form on the ceiling, painted in different colors.
For the hallway, I made two wall lamps where I used the same old metal from the ship's hull skin but in a completely different way, creating a Suprematist geometric composition that combines, like a collage, rectangular sheets of metal of different textures painted in different colors with stained glass. I introduced them into the interior as a quote and connection to the living room ceiling, which is the central idea of ​​this apartment. In these lamps, it seemed to me sharp to use local open colors on a material textured by nature itself.

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