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The most important thing in life is always intangible: peace, love, sincerity and the opportunity to be yourself. But for all this it is necessary to create conditions. And here we are. We help you look at your home with loving eyes and see that objects also have a soul and meaning.


We are a local team living in the Appalachian area in Maryland where we get our inspirations to create for you. Our family-owned business was built on the philosophy  "A thing of beauty is a joy forever"  John Keats.

We create custom handcrafted steel and bronze hardware and accessories of high quality and timeless beauty by connecting old blacksmith technique with contemporary style to create a product for the spaces of distinction. All our collections blend beautifully into a variety of architectural styles and add a touch of intrigue to any aesthetic.

Customization is our priority. When you are fed up with mass-market products  we  are  here  to  design  one-of-a-kind  product  just  for  you.  


Use our design and standard collections or customize hardware to meet your needs and complement your space aesthetic.

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