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Handcrafted forged and hammered metal cabinet pulls. Minimalism. The now and forever style, inspired by the 1930s Suprematism. Top quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design with the presence of an idea. The simple-line structure and incredibly plain ease reinforce the finish and the texture, that combines eye-catching looks, simplicity, and the character. It has a hollow structure, and due to this, the handle has a very light weight, the pull 6" length is only 5.6 oz, in order to care for the door hinges and lasts their lifetime. Made with love and care. 


Made of a square tube  5/8"x 5/8".


Cube Knob has approximate dimensions 7/8" x 7/8" x 1”.  



Black organic hot beeswax - multi-layers finish with hot beeswax that gives natural patina, strong corrosion-resistant protection and 100% organic finish. This finish is applied to the brushed and cleaned surface without scale after heating.

Mounting screws are included. When placing an order, please let us know in the notes section how thick your cabinets are so that we can provide you with the correct size screws.


Price is for One (1) pull. 


We use only traditional blacksmith techniques making unique and contemporary things which would make a superior addition to your home.


Please mind, that all dimensions may very slightly vary because of the nature of this work.

No two alike.


You can order a sample to check if the hardware works for your project. The sample is a pull 5" long that can be returned within 30 days of delivery if you do not need it.

Rustic Forged Cabinet Pull and Handle. High-Grade Kitchen and Cabinet Hardware.

  • Every item is made to order. No stock. Generally our lead time is 4-8 weeks for mainline product and up to 12 weeks for custom product depending on the current load. Please bear with us as we work to ensure you're receiving a top quality product.

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