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Handcrafted forged metal bracket.

This is a very strong and heavy duty design to support a big weight. Double square bar in the center due to its thickness unlike a flat bar provides extra strength and heavy load. We use traditional blacksmith techniques in our work making unique and contemporary look. There is no welding but there is a lot of craftsmanship and care in it. Rustic but yet elegant look that makes great addition to any home. Made in the USA.

For manufacturing this bracket we use flat bar 1 1/2" x 1/4". The square bar in the center is 3/8" and it is riveted to the bracket. 



Organic hot beeswax finish - it is a multi-layers finish with hot beeswax that gives natural beautiful patina, strong corrosion-resistant protection and 100% organic finish.


The bracket has four holes. Fasteners are not included.


HOW to CHOOSE the DIMENSIONS of the bracket you need?! 

There is one simple rule for a perfect combination and composition - the bracket should be 1"- 1 1/2" less than the shelf. So if you have shelf 10" width take bracket 9" long. It will be ideal from the viewpoint of composition and right from the viewpoint of load. 


Each side of the bracket might be the Height or the Depth.

Steel Shelf Bracket. Double curved center bar. Organic hot beeswax finish

  • Every item is made to order. No stock. Generally our lead time is 1-2 weeks for mainline product and up to 8 weeks for custom product depending on the current load.

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