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Dmitrii Volkov is featured in ABANA magazine "Anvil's Ring" Spring 2023

Iconostasis in Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church was featured on the front cover of the "Anvil's Ring" Spring 2023.

“Stone” is featured on the back cover of the "Anvil's Ring" Spring 2023. This is a third piece finished in 2022 in his series “Treatise on Siege Machines”, following “Bow” completed in 2020 and “Arrow” completed in 2021. Volkov is as influenced by philosophy, history and nature as he is by his materials, methods and vision. “Treatise” originated as representing the power of wings – and thus the power of nature – but it evolved into a broader statement of humans’ ability to harness power, using weaponry known as “siege machines” as a metaphor. Recently was exhibited at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, Maryland (USA), “Stone” is fabricated of carbon steel, wood and rock, and features Volkov’s signature “contrasts and contradictions” of geometric shapes and dry joints -- which makes it easy for him to dismantle and re-fashion a piece as his artistic concepts evolve.

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